Autonomous combined power supply complex

a combination of a low-power wind power plant with solar panels or a heat accumulator

Modifier for bitumen

to improve the quality and durability of road surfaces by the ecological epoxy compounds, which is made of cheap and renewable raw materials

Bicycle electrification

A full cycle services of bicycles conversion to electric bicycles with a unique combination of efficient and safe components

Display with embedded Big Data & IoT Technology

Big Data & IoT Built-in Display Technology that provides digital management of your campaigns and sales analysis. Consists of a modular frame, easy to assemble and pack, it adapts to any product in weight and size. Because the display is reusable, the customer saves on campaign costs.

The system of promotional animation of goods

The product promotion system is a revolution in brand promotion. When the buyer passes in front of the shelf, the motion sensor activates the device and the product becomes animated. The product can also be highlighted and talked to by the buyer, delivering a promotional voicemail or playing music.

Modular Promotional Fridge

A promotional fridge for your chilled products is the perfect choice for Introducing New Products; Increasing sales; Increasing brand awareness; Cross-Merchandising; Easy to use and designed for impulse shopping in retail outlets.

Production of pre-insulated pipes, engineering networks design.

Designing of engineering networks, production of pre-insulated pipes, equipment for sewage treatment, installation of engineering networks.

App for a multilingual interactive audiobooks

Lingart - this is an application/platform (web, app (PWA)) for a multilingual interactive audiobooks.

Digitization of the cultural heritage

We want our scenes continue to inspire with their particularity and interest through the years despite the destruction of time.

App for ensuring the interconnection between the teaching staff and the student

A mobile app that will enable the lecturer to assess the level of perception of information immediately and ensure the interconnection between the teaching staff and the student.