Idea: The system of promotional animation of goods



The product promotion system is a revolution in brand promotion. When the buyer passes in front of the shelf, the motion sensor activates the device and the product becomes animated. The product can also be highlighted and talked to by the buyer, delivering a promotional voicemail or playing music.


  • The maximum weight of the product is 1.2 kg;
  • Device weight – 2.1 kg;
  • Movement – 3 levels of speed, random movements, or systematic movements for music;
  • Sound – 86dB, 5W, full range speaker, adjustable volume;
  • Music, Sound Effects, Mp3 Dialog Mode, Mono Sound, 44,100 Hz;
  • LED Lighting – White Light 4W;
  • Remote control • Passive infrared motion sensor.


  • Introducing new products;
  • Increasing sales;
  • Increasing brand awareness;
  • Cross-Merchandising;
  • Easy to use and designed for impulse shopping in retail outlets.


B2B Market Segment focused on trade marketing mainly in the departments of Petcare, Babycare, Bevereges.



Modern Expo Leading manufacturer and supplier of trading equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. They also produce professional kitchen equipment, refrigeration equipment, post terminals, etc. Not yet provide technology solutions for promotions.
NPF KIT The company was founded in 1991. Specialize in the production of equipment and tool production. However, they do not offer modern technological solutions.



  • Selling;
  • Rent.


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