Idea: PiPillow


PiPillow is a smart pillow. The device lets you enjoy music or audio-books while you are falling asleep. Also PiPillow tracks phases of user`s sleep, breathing rate, and records any extraneous sounds. In the morning, the pillow helps user to wake up in the most comfortable moment for this in the short phase of sleep. User can see the data about the quality of sleep with intuitive smartphone app. Thanks to successfully selected materials the pillow remembers shape of the head making it really supportive to sleep on.

Payback period: 1 year
Implementation period: 7 months


Setting up batch production and sales in the US, Europe and Ukraine.


Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the device connects to a smartphone. Sonata technology allows to listen to music and audio books while person is falling asleep, and the Health Kit technology allows you to track your breathing and sleep phases. With Easy Wake technology, the device can pick up the perfect time to wake up in the morning, and unique Flash Touch technology allows you to charge your device via special button that also indicates notifications with light.




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