Idea: Production of pre-insulated pipes, engineering networks design.



Designing of engineering networks, production of pre-insulated pipes, equipment for sewage treatment, installation of engineering networks.


  • Heat supply and hot water supply: heat insulated pipes and elements of heating systems for hot water supply of overhead and underground laying, thermal insulation structures for insulation of heat and industrial pipelines, thermal points, thermal insulation of existing main pipelines of heating systems.
  • Water supply and drainage: plastic pipes for pressure and self-inflating systems, pumping stations], wells, tanks, treatment plants, oil and grease separators, flotation units. The products are made of polyethylene and are characterized by high performance and durability.
  • Design and construction works: complex architectural design and construction and installation of networks, structures and other objects of engineering support in the field of heat supply, water supply and drainage. Remediation (renovation) of / concrete collectors with cellular pipes by the method of broaching, reconstruction and modernization of technological equipment of sewage treatment facilities of large cities, development and equipping with automation systems. Construction of block-modular cleaning of small and medium productivity.


Application of energy-efficient and modern polymer designs that have minimal environmental impact. We provide turnkey services.


  • Market of heat and water supply;
  • Engineering construction market.


  • Utility companies;
  • Developers;
  • Installers of engineering networks.


Logstor Sp. Z o.o. The world’s leading manufacturer of pre-insulated pipes
Uponor  Leader in the use of polymer structures in the field of water supply
Enertex sarl Acts as general contractor in the field of engineering networks

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