Idea: Bicycle transmision



We suggest a new, protected by patents, 4-high-speed bicycle DONCHE transmission. This is the one of the five effective transmissions in the bike history.The created transmission allows increasing the torque moment to 500 % or in 5 times, without significant changes in the design of a bicycle.


Key customer problems which we solve by our product:

  • Increase in efficiency;
  • Easy to use;
  • Protection and reliability of operation.


Developed a new bike transmission which increase torque by up to 500% or 5 times without significant changes in bike design.


  • Freight and passenger bicycle transport market;
  • City Bicycle and tourist bicycle market.


  • Companies that use a bicycle in their operating activities as a means of transporting passengers or freight, express delivery;
  • Bicycle rental companies;
  • Privat bicycle users.


Single-speed systems High ease of maintenance; Maximum reliability; Low price; The narrow range of applicability of such a drive.
Systems with external switching Wide range of gear ratios; Relatively high efficiency; Ability to shift gears under load; Low weight; Good maintainability in field; The need for regular adjustment, inspection, lubrication and replacement of a number of components; Poor work in the absence of maintenance; Poor work in very dirty conditions; The presence of “forbidden” gear combinations.
Planetary bushing Maintenance-free (including lubrication and replacement of parts) and owner’s skills; The ability to shift gears without pedaling; High reliability in utilitarian applications (dirt, rain, but low loads); High resource of chains and stars; Low efficiency; Relatively high price; Great weight; Low reliability at high loads; A narrow range of gear ratios for low-cost bushings; Not the possibility of repair in the field. Take a look at 5 pound deposit casino uk.

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