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Tasks and solutions

Bicycle transmision


If you need a bicycle for easy, comfortable and safe travel, DONCHE will be the perfect solution. Well, a long lifetime will allow us to use this...

App for ensuring the interconnection...


A mobile app that will enable the lecturer to assess the level of perception of information immediately and ensure the interconnection between the...

Digitization of the cultural heritage


We want our scenes continue to inspire with their particularity and interest through the years despite the destruction of time.

App for a multilingual interactive...


Lingart - this is an application/platform (web, app (PWA)) for a multilingual interactive audiobooks.

Production of pre-insulated pipes,...


Designing of engineering networks, production of pre-insulated pipes, equipment for sewage treatment, installation of engineering networks.

Modular Promotional Fridge


A promotional fridge for your chilled products is the perfect choice for Introducing New Products; Increasing sales; Increasing brand awareness;...

The system of promotional animation of...


The product promotion system is a revolution in brand promotion. When the buyer passes in front of the shelf, the motion sensor activates the device...

Display with embedded Big Data & IoT...


Big Data & IoT Built-in Display Technology that provides digital management of your campaigns and sales analysis. Consists of a modular frame, easy...

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Outsourcing and consulting

Want to be sure of the successful and effective development of business ideas?

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Supportive infrastructure

Realize your creative and innovative ideas!

StartEra is an innovative crowdfunding platform for the placement and promotion of creative, social and technological projects, as well as public initiatives with financial support from those who are keen on developing and implementing innovative projects. StartEra is a team of like-minded people, which creates opportunities for the implementation of unique ideas and the formation of a new generation of domestic entrepreneurs. We care for the success of each project!

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Prototyping Tech LabInno

Tech LabInno – an open technological laboratory and a central place of innovation for learning, sharing experience in implementing startups, creating prototype and new inventions that works in the FabLab – format. Technological innovation laboratory provides the opportunity to improve the interaction between the university and industrial enterprises, stimulates creative entrepreneurship, increases the quality of training of specialists and qualifications of teachers, training of students, postgraduates and creative young people for the engineering bases of 3D modeling and automated designing, prototyping and 3D printing, inventive tasks.
Tech LabInno offers equipment in the following areas:

  • 3-D Printing (FDM, SLA)
  • CNC milling machine
  • CNC laser
  • Electronic Laboratory
  • Laboratory of virtual reality
  • Other (wide range of hand tools)



A new Government agency created and designed to facilitate foreign direct investment and strategic partnerships for benefit of UKRAINE & its PARTNERS around the WORLD

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Learning tools

Pre-accelerating program


Have an idea and don’t know how to start? We will show you the first steps in transformation your innovative idea in to startup project.

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Acceleration program


Have a startup and want to make profitable business? The main focus of the acceleration program is to assist start-ups in building and developing a business, attracting first-time users, and testing key hypotheses.

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MBA program at Tech Business School


Want to make your business competitive? Programs provide a deep understanding of management processes and open up new opportunities for business development.

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Long Term and Short Term Courses


Here are some short term courses, trainings, master classes, and lectures that can be useful for you.

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Accounting and legislation

To support your innovative ideas, we are pleased to offer you our help.

Start a business

How to start a business, how to make it unique, where to take money, how to attract investors, how to attract the attention of society? All these and many other issues that arise when creating a business from a scratch.

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Patent and Security

Startup - Trademark - Patent. How to protect a business idea and not ruin? Decided to patent the startup and protect your intellectual property?

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Other services

• Optimization of tax burden
• Comprehensive audit of activities
• “Due diligence”
• Mediation
• Outstaffing
• Marketing research of the market

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Searching for inspiration?

It's great when you get that 'light bulb' moment and are inspired to create something new but if it is not maybe this will help you.

Startup Showroom

The variety of developments of innovators cause you a delight? Those who appreciate innovative projects that keep up with the latest developments in the industry will be impressed!


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